Individual Life and
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Life insurance is the most selfless benefit you can buy. It takes care of your loved ones and secures their future.

Whether you’re interested in Term Life, Whole Life or Universal Life, we’re here to help sort though the countless options available.

Remember life can change in a second. Don’t wait for “another time” because it may be too late.

We have provided you with the ability to see what the market has to offer. Just click onto our Life Quoter app and you can see the top insurance companies compete for your business.

Whether you're interested in term life, whole life or universal life, we're here to help you sort through the countless options available.

Protecting what you value most!

Disability Insurance

With today’s medical knowledge and skills, we are more likely to suffer a disability than death. As a result, disability coverage is more important today then ever. High debt levels make owning disability coverage mandatory. At Clark Insurance, we offer two different types of coverage:

  1. Loss of Income Protection that offers a monthly payment to cover your daily living expenses.
  2. Lump Sum Payment should you survive a critical Illness.

Which one is best for your situation? Let’s get together and we can simplify the decision.

Non Medical Life and Cancer Insurance

For the person that does not have the best of health or is a little short for their weight, we have great news. We can offer Non Medical Life and Cancer insurance. With just a couple of questions we can have your covered. No doctors report, no blood taken. No kidding!

Click onto the sample questions below to see how much you qualify for.
It’s quick and easy!!

For the person that does not have great health or is a little too short for their weight, we have non medical plans that cover you, lets talk!

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