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Drug Coupon Cards

With the proliferation of generic drugs onto the Canadian market, the brand name drug companies put together a program that would subsidize the cost of a brand name drug to be the same or close to the generic equivalent. There are a couple of cards available to the Canadian public, it all depends on what medication you are using and if there is a generic equivalent.

If you are on a generic drug and would like to see if the brand name is available, then click on the following two sites to see if either card can assist you. They are free and can be activated immediately.

Trillium Drug Program

This is an Ontario government assistance plan to help with the high cost of medications in the province of Ontario. To be eligible for the Trillium benefit you must be a resident of Ontario; other provinces offer similar plans.

Trillium’s requirements are that the cost of the drug will need to be more than 4% of your household income and considered high cost. A family that makes as much as $100,000 may qualify for Trillium. Their deductible will be $4,000 per year and if the cost of the drug is considered catastrophic, the Ontario government will assist. Click on the following link and you will be taken to the website to apply. We can also send you forms to speed up the process.

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