Let us show you tax efficient ways to protect your executives. Your executives work hard and have added stress. We can help to design a protection plan in case of:

Short Term Disability
There is a big difference between EI and an executive’s salary. We can close the gap so your executive can focus on getting well.
Long Term Disability
Often a group plan will have an average amount of disability coverage for all employees. We can design a cost effective way to bridge the difference so your executive team has secure protection should an unfortunate situation happen.
Medical Cost
We have a tax effective way to offer medical expense coverage over and above your company benefit plan. Instead of paying more money to an executive, why not offer a Health Spending Account? All benefits received by the employee are non-taxable, however the company still writes the cost off.
Critical Illness
This benefit offers a lump sum should a Critical Illness be diagnosed and survived for 30 days. The chances of a person surviving a critical Illness are considerably higher now with medical advancements. However, the extra cost and strain on a family can be greatly reduced with this benefit. Maybe the spouse wants to spend more time helping with the health process. Critical Illness coverage can make this affordable. We even offer non-medical plans where two easy questions can get you covered.
Life Quoter
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