A Few Words
About Us

Our team of talented, creative and knowledgeable advisors is available to assist you in putting a plan in place that will meet your unique requirements. And, just in case your needs or goals change over time, we'll be here to provide you with the sound advice and strategies to help get you where you want to be.

At Clark Insurance Inc., we represent many different insurance companies and products so that we can provide solutions to help meet your needs. Whether you require a benefit plan to help recruit and retain quality employees, or you need estate planning or income protection, our team of caring professionals will search the market and recommend options.

But our job doesn't end there! Our team is here to assist you through the sometimes complicated claims process. Let us know immediately if you have an accident. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you through a potentially stressful time to guide you through the confusion and worry you may be experiencing. Talk to someone you know and trust instead of reaching one stranger after another at a call centre.

Core Values


We strive

...to make sure we are open and transparent with all of our clients. Our clients will always get the straight facts.


Our clients

...are our priority. The solutions we offer will put their interests first always.


Life is full

...of many surprises, good and bad. We stand with our clients to ensure the best quality service, especially at claim time.


We are dedicated

...to do the job and do it right, from start to finish.

Meet Our

Michael Clark
Michael Clark

I founded Clark Insurance in 2005 so that I could have the flexibility to offer solutions for my client’s unique situations. As a boutique operation, we adapt to our client’s changing needs without the bureaucracy of a large organization, we are never satisfied with yesterday’s results.

Faye Clark
Faye Clark

I joined Clark Insurance Inc. in 2006. My 25+ years of experience working in various administrative assistant roles for a manufacturing company allowed me to develop systems to assist our customers and our employees. With this background our clients can feel secure in the knowledge that we have systems in place, especially at claim time.

Kevin Jamieson

I have been marketing insurance, particularly disability for 20+ years. Having been an owner of a trucking company, I learned the value of income protection. My mission is to offer the best, coverage and service. In addition, I educate clients on Mortgage insurance, I feel strongly about personal insurance vs insurance sold at the banks.

We Help You Find
the Lowest Insurance Rates

When was the last time you reviewed your insurance, retirement and financial affairs? Most of us are busy maintaing a lifestyle. It can be difficult to find the time to properly plan for tomorrow or to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Feel free to contact us regarding your unique situation and let us design a plan that meets your needs and budget.